Welcome to Casa DeLorenzo Design's new venture...


my re.generation ( www.myregenerationshop.etsy.com)  reused, recovered, and redesigned mid century and vintage home furnishings that have been made new through regeneration.

Re.gen.er.ate - (ri-jen-uh-reyt) to recreate, reconstitute, or make over, especially in a better form or condition.

Hi, I'm Interior Designer, Tina DeLorenzo and I began redesigning vintage and used furniture out of a frustration with the quality that is available in a mass market today. We live in a disposable society and that is the way that many things are manufactured today. Furniture of yesterday was solid, well constructed, and made with pride in the USA. I love the feel of an old piece of furniture and the memories that are evoked when a piece reminds me of my youth in the 60's and 70's. I like to take something that looks old and dated and paint it a glossy color and put an interesting fabric on it so that it is almost unrecognizable from its original state.

I choose pieces for their unique qualities and form, and redesign them with professionally executed custom paint finishes and re-upholstery. My Etsy store and Cincinnati showroom pieces are colorful and bold and will appeal to anyone who has a penchant for the past, wants a boutique piece or a statement look.

In addition to up-cycled furniture, my store showcases custom pillows made of vintage fabrics, mid century lighting, art, glass, pottery, and more.

If you're in Cincinnati, please call me at (513) 708-6996 for an appointment at my Cincinnati showroom at 4405 Brazee Street in Oakley!

Not in Cincinnati? Check out my online store at www.myregenerationshop.etsy.com to see some current offerings!

Questions? Call or email me at tina@casadelorenzo.com

Also, like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CasaDeLorenzoDesign